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Best Online Cooking Video Games

Best Cooking Games

There is a wide range of Game apps from the Google Play Store. Most games are related to our hobbies and interests. Playing with these apps allows us to do things that seem difficult to achieve in real life. Thanks to these games, we can be fast and Furious pilots, qualified basketball players, spaceship captains, and much more. For those who like to cook, you can also become a professional chef with a cooking game. These apps allow you to become a real professional cook and directly on your Android handset.

We took the trouble to search the vast sea of apps on the Google Play Store and found the best apps to help you realize your dream of becoming the fastest and best cook or chef. Below is our list of the best cooking game apps for your Android device.

Bistro Cook 2

Become a professional cooker and serve your hungry customers with the Bistro Cook 2 app. This app allows you a chef and allows you to prepare your virtual meals on your Android device. The basic control of the game is to tap on the screen to select ingredients, prepare food, and serve your hungry customers. You also need quick wit and fingers to play this game.

You will receive a set of ingredients for cooking. Each ingredient is grouped into four offices: vegetables, meat, other, and drinks. Your client’s order will also appear on the top of the screen.

Your task will be to prepare the meal before the orders accumulate. For example, if your client orders an egg on the plate, you will need to draw the egg from the other pantry and press the pan to cook the egg. A progress bar appears under the flat. Once the bar is full, you can now serve the fried egg by pressing on and pressing the customer’s plate. You should also avoid burning your food.

I can play the game with its simplest difficulty, and I can cook with my eyes closed. The real fun begins in the middle and hard levels of the APP. In these levels, you will have to choose additional ingredients, more dishes to cook, and a huge stack of customers waiting to be served.

Cooking Dash

Becoming a cook is a hard job. You must have the skills to prepare a good meal. The Cooking Dash app lets you discover how it is to become a cook in a kitchen. The game can be played in two modes: Casual Mode and Time Mode.

Casual Mode allows you to cook and prepare dishes for your customers. The game can be played by tapping objects found in the kitchen. You will also see customers line up at the counter to order their meals. To cook a meal, simply tap on an ingredient to select it and press the stove to cook. A bar gauge will also appear below. Once the gauge is full, you can serve the meal to your customers. You should be careful not to overcook the dish. Some ingredients, such as cabbage and bread, can be served immediately. You need to act fast – you don’t want angry and hungry customers in your restaurant.

Time Mode does not include cooking your dish. All the dishes were cooked and displayed on the counter. All you have to do is follow the customer’s order and serve him with good food for them. You will also need to act fast; this mode has a time limit. The more customers you serve within the time limit, the more points you earn.

Stand O’food 3

Burgers are among my favorite foods. Thinking about the juicy patty, the thick band-aid, and the delicious buns make me crave one. If you like hamburgers and want to start your hamburger stand, you can do it by playing Stand O’food 3 on your Android device.

The game allows you to play as a cook in a hamburger restaurant. Create a burger and serve it to your hungry customers. The restaurant looks like a hamburger factory with all those conveyor belts carrying the ingredients for your hamburgers. Customers will be able to specify the ingredients of their burgers. Type and arrange the ingredients in the right order and serve them to your customers. You also need to serve quickly. Your customers don’t have the patience to wait for your hamburgers.

After each round, you will receive a summary of how much you have won. You can use your winnings to purchase additional ingredients and equipment that will help you in the game. You can buy spices to increase the price of your hamburgers or add accessories to entertain your customers. You can also unlock and serve additional menus such as cakes, lasagna, fries, and much more.

Cake Games Now-Cooking

One of my goals in life is to be able to learn how to bake my cake. I think I can achieve this goal by playing the cake games now-cooking on my Android device. Although it’s not a real cake and I can’t taste it, playing this game allows you to create your virtual cake. This app is perfect for kids who want to make cakes without spilling flour all over the kitchen floor.

The first thing you need to do is to select the shape of your cake. Then you will mix the ingredients to make your cake and cook in the oven. The fun part is decorating your cake. The application has a variety of decorations to design your cake with. I managed to create a chocolate cake and placed some decorations on top (see screenshot above). I called my virtual cake, the Forest Choco cake.

You can also save your creation on the SD card of your device. You can even send your virtual cake with special greetings to your family and friends via e-mail.

Sushi Bar

Sushi is Japanese food, which consists of a rice dressing (Shari) and combined with a variety of ingredients called net. The most common net is seafood. Sushi is also one of the most popular foods around the world. If you like to eat sushi, you can be a sushi Cook and manage your restaurant with the Sushi Bar game.

The game allows you to play the role of the sushi chef and manage your sushi bar. You can make sushi by typing the correct combination of ingredients. Ingredients include rice and other fillings, such as shrimp, salmon, nori, Tako, and much more. Customers can also order specific types of sushi. You can refer to the sushi recipe book to learn how to prepare certain sushi.

Ingredients for your sushi are limited. You need to monitor your diet and make calls for additional ingredients. You can also offer OCHA or sake to make your customers wait longer.

One technique I find in this game is to make sure that the food conveyor belt has a sufficient supply of sushi. You should not wait for the customer to order before making your sushi. Also, keep your eyes on the number of ingredients and make frequent calls to add to your diet.


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