The pickings at our farmers market haven’t been  too impressive yet.  It is still early in the season in the northeast, and we have had almost daily heavy thunderstorms.   However, there has been no shortage of strawberries.  Locally grown strawberries are usually super sweet, fragrant and reliably good.  That’s why  I can’t stop writing about them.  It has been all strawberries all the time around here.

This is a simple tart made with the shortcrust pastry from this month’s Daring Bakers Bakewell Tarts.  This pastry definitely will not replace my ususal pate brisee.  It was nice for a change and is really easy to roll out.  I baked the strawberries in the tarts so the flavors would get even sweeter and the juices would provide a base.  I added only about a 1/4 tsp of sugar to the top of the berries and dusted the base of the tart with flour.  The slight tartness of the fresh kiwi went really well with the baked strawberries.  I would normally brush the tops with some apricot jam or marmalade.  We ate these right away while they were still slightly warm, and it finally felt like summer.